Torta alla Ricotta

It’s almost Easter, a time for spring festivities, and you’re either expected to bring dessert or play “hostess with the mostess”.

Tempted as you may be to just head to the bakery and grab a cake on display, your inner “pasticcere” is begging to take the spatula by the handle and just DO THIS!

Listen to that inner voice my friends. Whatever the occasion, you will want to share this Torta alla Ricotta year after year.  And nothing says “spring has arrived” more than the delightful scent of lemon and vin santo throughout the house. It is so inviting, so comforting, you’ll just about want to bathe in it. Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it can be made in advance and it’s simple to make—a little secret we’ll keep just between us.

Buon appetito! Buona Pasqua and Happy Spring!



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