Plum Crostata with Ricotta, Red Wine and Raisins

There’s nothing more delectable—more exquisite, than sweetened red wine, seasonal fruit and creamy fresh ricotta.

Now if you’re new to baking the latter, remember the golden rule: don’t forget to strain!

Not your brains or your back; simply get rid of the excess liquid. The less there is, the better the crust, overall texture and flavors you’ll enjoy in this amazing dessert! So strain the ricotta AND the sweetened red wine plums.

And speaking of plums, these luscious dark beauties deserve equally juicy red fruit aromas—the kind that I happily discovered in a wine like Barbera d’Asti. The barbera grape has origins in Piemonte, Italy, dating back to the 13th century. Hints of dark cherry, plum, blackberry, vanilla and nutmeg go hand in hand with the stars of this crostata.

This is the sexiest little rustic number I have ever tasted in a long time. It’s worth the effort and I guarantee, after all the flattery—the applause from those fortunate enough to taste, you will make it again…and again.

Cheers to all and buon appetito!

Plum Crostata with Ricotta, Red Wine and Raisins

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