Orecchiette with Herb-Roasted Purple Cauliflower, Broccoli and Tuna

I adore purple…

Purple Rain in my lyrics, The Color Purple on my widescreen, a hint of purple eyeshadow on my lids, some Purple Haze in my beer flask— and most recently, purple cauliflower on my plate!

Call it spring love or a veggie crush, I am happy despite this week’s grey skies over New Jersey. But the clouds will part, giving way to sun and skin-baring frocks bursting from closets everywhere. That said, my insides are shrieking!

Go ahead and color me purple. I obviously love pasta and this blog’s very name and recipes clearly profess my undying affection. But let me be honest. My metabolism no longer runs with wolves. It sort of moseys along like a bale of turtles, making pasta stick to my curves like peanut butter to a spoon.

So it’s no surprise that come Sunday morning, my eyes well up as I shout, “Cheat Day, Cheat Day, Cheat Day!”

Whether it’s physical or mental damage, there’s no telling what would happen to me if I submitted to my cravings. I just have to end my weekend with some shred of self-respect. And that is why this past weekend I opted for one of my favorite spring dishes: Orecchiette col cavolfiore viola, broccoli e tonno! Enjoy a healthy portion of orecchiette pasta, mixed with roasted purple cauliflower and broccoli with fresh tuna, a splash of vermouth and lemon juice!

Roasting vegetables with fresh herbs and lemon adds an extra layer of flavor that you just can’t pass up. With vibrant, enticing beauties such as these, you won’t even notice a smaller helping of carbs!

In this recipe there are three simple steps: roast, saute and marry. Note you can skip the pasta and even the tuna to enjoy these herb-roasted veggies as a side dish. Whatever your pleasure!

As an FYI, adding vermouth to tuna sweetens and softens the aroma, which some people just can not handle. If tuna just isn’t your thing, then by all means substitute with scallops or shrimp!

I understand that purple cauliflower might not be available at your nearest grocery store (I purchased mine at Trader Joe’s).  If that’s the case, please turn that frown upside down!  Pairing these herbs with white cauliflower is just as delicious!

Buon appetito a tutti!


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