Jellied Chambord Cranberry Sauce

A traditional Thanksgiving would not be complete without cranberry sauce. You can buy it, but let’s be honest—nothing tastes better than homemade. And the fact that it takes ten minutes, only sweetens the pot. So what could possibly be better than that?

Why adding some liqueur of course!

After years of using cherry brandy, this Thanksgiving I decided to dabble with some Chambord and spice. Et voilà!


New to Chambord? Maybe not. If you’ve ever had a weakness for sweet, girls night out, kind of martinis, chances are you’ve already had a few sips. The yumminess doesn’t stop there though. Combining it with sour or light Beligian beer makes a delicious Chambord Royale. There’s also, Kir Imperial (made with Champagne), plus French Manhattans, Lemonado—and the list goes on. 

Chambord officially made its first big splash on the liqueur scene in 1982. Sounds rather young, but its inspiration dates back to the 17th century, when a raspberry liqueur was made for King Louis XIV during his visit to Château de Chambord.

Fast forward to 1998, Chambord skyrocketed to spirit stardom, thanks to hits like Sex in the City, which popularized French Martini’s, and led to a global martini obsession.

Today’s blend consists of red and black raspberries, Madagascar vanilla and XO cognac—perfect for cranberry sauce. And to turn this dish into a really elegant red masterpiece, I love to use a mold. All you need is time to cool it completely and refrigerate—a very convenient dish to make the day before Thanksgiving.

If that’s not possible, you can always serve it room temperature as a sauce and top it with some tangerine/ orange zest as garnish (see alternative presentation below). Also, here’s another secret: If you don’t have Chambord, you can substitute with Grand Marnier! Shhhhh! I never said that.

Check out the recipe and more photos under the “How To” tab.



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