Italian Meatloaf: Polpettone di Carne

A week has gone by since Election Day 2016 and with all the mourning, disbelief and discord, I’m afraid a group hug isn’t going to cut it…but maybe I can offer a little Kumbaya at the table.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you…Polpettone di Carne.

Sure. An American classic coated with a mix of ketchup, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce is always delicious. But in the spirit of apparent change, behold this specialty from across the pond. A traditional Italian polpettone is a layered melting pot of yumminess.  And contrary to appearances, it is relatively easy to prepare. With a few stand out ingredients at its center, this perfectly homogenized piece of lean ground organic beef works beautifully together. If only our nation were as unified, right?

By no means, is this an attempt to simplify what we have just experienced. This is about comfort food and community—the kind of meal that brings family and friends together. It’s the one you craved as a youngster after a long day at school and even now, after a hard day of “adulting.”  So let us at the very least, join together and celebrate our right to say “yay or neigh” to whatever is on our ballots AND our plates.

And speaking of freedom, there are countless variations of polpettone and this particular recipe has a lot to offer: spinach, peppers cooked in sicilian red wine, eggs and prosciutto di parma. If taste buds say otherwise, then switch it up with sauteed mushrooms, scarmorza or whatever you fancy.

Be the meatloaf people and enjoy!

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