I am looking for content. Can I publish your posts, photos or recipes on my blog/website?

You’re making me blush! Thank you for appreciating my posts, photos and recipes. This site is a labor of love, however notice the word “labor”. All of my content (posts, photography, recipe instructions and writing at large) is copyrighted material. With that said…

Here is my policy:

For those looking to feature my blog  or a specific recipe, you may feature one photo as long as you 1) ask and obtain full permission 2)  link it back to the original post and 3) provide your readers a link to my home page: www.lifeisabowlofpasta.com.  Republishing a recipe itself or a post/story is not permitted*. If you wish to promote my site, please send me an email.

For those interested in using photography to promote or illustrate content other than my own, you must request permission in advance. My photography is not intended to be used as stock images unless we have a written agreement.

*Republishing is not permitted for blog posts or recipe(s) without my explicit permission.  I may consider this in the future. Should I make an exception, it will be entirely within my discretion and dependent upon the inquirer.

If you still have copyright questions, please take a look at this guide on U.S. copyright laws for recipes.

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