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The History of Food Porn: It’s More Than a Hashtag

“Bare, wet and with tender flesh exposed, I lay here without reservation. I am at the mercy of your insatiable stare, your eager touch—your so-called toys. Don’t be nervous. You’ve had your way with me before. Since then, you’ve dreamt incessantly of doing it again and again—admiring and stroking my supple skin. Only this time, it’s […]

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Indian, Italian, American: When Food, Music and Movies Transcend Culture

What happens when an American mutt, a Sicilian and two Indians get together? Sounds like your classic “walk in the bar” joke, right? Well, I’m here to tell you— it’s a ridiculously good time! I went on a recent trip that started with Pollo Marbella, some Shakshuka in the middle and ended with a tasty plate of Anjeeri Murg. Bless […]

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Taste of Montclair 2016: A Toast to Fabulous Food, Community & Charity

Monday evening was made for success as the Montclair Rotary Club and MC Hotel presented the 5th Annual Taste of Montclair this year— one of the city’s largest and most notable food charity events. Since inception, the excitement and following grows, with 2016 topping off at over 400 patrons! Organizers chose The Manor in West Orange, as […]

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Luisa Spagnoli: Chocolatier, Entrepreneur, Feminist & Fashion House

When I was a little girl my bedroom wall was a shrine to Wonder Woman; her indestructible bracelets, swords and Lasso of Truth were my first glimpse at female strength and power. Today, instead of a cape and fierce boots, my hero wore a million hats—made magic with spatulas and scrapers. She unabashedly supported working […]

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