Get Nuts or Go Nuts!

Potholes -Final

I’M NOT ONE TO SUGAR COAT THE FACTS ON SELF IMPROVEMENT, nor am I a Debbie Downer. For this realist, change has to start from the top— a place far north of my quads and triceps, residing deep within the cranial cavity. It’s where I meet myself daily to say “no” to a life sentence of blasé food and shout “AMEN” for moderation.

I dislike— with a passion, the word diet. This is about “lifestyle”. Asking me to commit to a foreign one overnight is like telling a starved lion to drop the gazelle and live off of wild berries. Risky business. Totally unnatural.

Why? Because I LOVE food and I’m sure you’ll agree, steamed broccoli is far from mozzarella in carrozza. Don’t get me wrong. I like broccoli, but I need balance and variety to achieve my health goals. I also need them to stay pleasant and upbeat. Therefore, the occasional fresh mozzarella stays on the menu. Punto e basta! (Period!)

Now if crash dieting is your chosen path, then heed my advice. Food boredom is a very real predicament. And if it rears its ugly head, you need to act fast. Regression and discouragement (aka “yo-yoing”) may be on the horizon—and the view isn’t pretty. Some victims go full on couch potato status, wallowing in a pint of sea salt caramel ice cream, wearing pants that cut off circulation, while watching of all things, The Biggest Loser.

Lovely image, but you don’t have to fall prey to the rather sad look.

When the cooking is good, portions are in check and physical activity is actually happening, words like “sacrifice” should never escape your lips. But let’s face it. We can’t blame set backs on bland food alone. Stress and insecurities are another set of demons that wreak havoc on the body and mind.  Issues like achieving work-life balance or subconsciously aspiring to the likes of celebrity Spartans do us no favors. I prefer to ignore the uber-photoshopped beach bodies, basking under the filtered sun of some Instagram pic. Did Beyonce’s faux thigh gap come to mind or is it just me?

Let’s get real here. If you started out on this road to self improvement, smiling in your convertible, top down, chiffon scarf blowing in the wind, only to hit potholes—do not panic.

Simply fill them with NUTS before YOU turn into one.

Today I’ve posted an easy, yet exceptional starter snack, something to pack for the journey and pull out in emergencies: Baked Oatmeal Bars with Dark Chocolate and Mixed Nuts. It’s rich in taste and a little easier on the waist than say, a pint of ice cream.

Remember: This or any healthy recipe alone does not guarantee weight loss. This is about feeling satisfied with your food options— taste, health and sanity intact. And if you’re feeling creative, then just think of all the healthy, and yummy spins you could put on this treat! Mind-boggling isn’t it?

This recipe makes 18 delectable bars, with plenty to share. That is, if you want to share. Enjoy!

P.S. You’re beautiful! xoxo

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