The Day After…

The Day After-Beach

Start Fresh!

If you attempted to diet early this spring, then join me when I say “Thank you, Global Warming”.

Spring doesn’t even get a hot minute before summer hits and there you are mid squat with however many inches left to take off or firm up.

Like it or not, the sun carries on, sizzling and sparking the annual calling for reptilian style sunbathing or depending on your hue… absolute loathing. Next thing you know, you’re at the beach or pool-side wearing some lycra sausage casing.  What a perfect way to show off the end result of countless barbecues, beer, wine and cocktails!

Does the day after a huge glutenous feast sound like this?

It’s 6 am, on a weekend. Oddly you’re awake, already remorseful and bursting from your pajama bottoms. Yesterday, zippers were so far down you just about blew your cover. This is why we appreciate big table cloths, carefully placed napkins and tunic dresses.  Today, your innards have yet to forgive you and if they could talk, I would bet on some major expletives.

So what do you do?

  • Lay there, cursing the day you discovered hot dogs and relish?
  • Concoct an Ocean’s 11 strategy to harness yourself out of bed?
  • Wonder how in the world we landed on the moon, but have yet to invent “Bedside Liposuction”?
  • Make a day’s worth of lemon-mint infused water and throw in a cucumber for good measure?

The last point bothers me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love lemon water, BUT if  drowning yourself solely with liquids came to mind, stop looking at your Instagram or Pinterest account… please. Most liquid diets, unless combined with solids, produce short term results. You know what that means, right? It means “I hope you didn’t toss your wardrobe just yet, because give it a few days and BOOM! The blow fish belly is back.”

Ask any health professional and they’ll tell you the same. A 24 hour liquid diet without any real nourishment doesn’t really do your “temple” that much good. Yes, I’m talking about your body. Someone actually described it to me as such…

“Jo Ann…this place was made for people like us. Always remember…your body is your temple”.

I laughed.

I was far from being hit on, mid-yoga pose or experiencing spiritual enlightenment. It was a family member trying to sell me a gym membership at his new place of employment. From a random stranger, that would have sounded hysterical, borderline creepy. Regardless, the thought of our bodies being sacred makes sense and once I stopped laughing and shook off the slight heebie jeebies, I signed the gym contract.

“Worship thy body by feeding it right.”

Just so we’re clear, I am not preaching this from a pulpit fit for a size two.  Being conscientious of what I eat is still a daily challenge. I have replaced that gym membership with an active, curly-headed toddler, but free weights, proper nutrition and “me-time” are a must. Referring to my body as a temple just reinforces the notion that I’m worth the effort… and so are you.

Even if you happened to eat your body weight in Angus beef, mystery sauce, gourmet potato salad and gelato, forget about yesterday’s gorge fest! Start fresh. Think well-balanced and baby steps. Move forward with something healthy and believe it or not, tasty, unlike liquid grass.

Try this amazing Fennel Salad with Wild Smoked Salmon, Avocado and Pomegranate Vinaigrette.

Happy & Healthy Eating!

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